E-bike rental

Experience diversity, explore culture, enjoy “Baden” delicacies

You want to explore the “Kaiserstuhl” region, experience the flair of Freiburg and visit the city of “Breisach”? Nearby cycling tracks of the Rhine valley and diverse bike routes invite you to long cycling trips.

You can book a bike at the bike-station. For more information please visit:

Fahrzeughaus Schneider OHG bft Tankstelle
Am Krebsbach 1 | 79241 Ihringen | T 07668 655

Between vines and the forest, along flowering fruit tree meadows, vineyards with breathtaking panoramic views, enchanted paths, idyllic winemaking villages in picturesque landscapes, the “Rheinauen” woodlands in combination with Baden delicacies make the “Kaiserstuhl” region one of the most popular holiday destinations. The flora and fauna as well as the unique landscape of the former volcano is an unforgettable experience for every passionate cyclist. Explore the natural and cultural treasures in the “Kaiserstuhl” region by e-bike and enjoy beautiful views over the Rhine valley, the Black Forest and the Vosges.

By e-bike you are close to your surroundings. It is the small details that will make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Thanks to electronic support of your e-bike and some tailwind you will also achieve far away destinations. With little physical effort you will climb up the “Texaspass” to enjoy the probably most beautiful view in the middle of the “Kaiserstuhl” region between the municipalities of “Oberbergen” and “Kiechlingsbergen”. Explore the nature reserve of “Taubergießen” and experience the unique flair of Germany’s sunniest city.





Recommended cycling tours:

Riegel – Sasbach – Breisach – Ihringen – Merdingen – Nieder-/Oberrimsingen – Gottenheim – Bötzingen – Eichstetten – Bahlingen
Length: total 64,8 km
Total gradient: 80 m

Ihringen – Bickensohl – Ober- & Niederrotweil – Burkheim – Bischoffingen – Kiechlinsbergen – Königschaffhausen – Sasbach – Breisach
Length: total 48,7 km
Total gradient: 525 m

Endingen – Eichstetten – Bötzingen – Altvogtsburg – Oberbergen – Oberrotweil – Bischoffingen – Kiechlinsbergen – Königschaffhausen
Length: total 32,9 km
Total gradient: 575 m

Ihringen – Wasenweiler – Bötzingen – Gottenheim – Freiburg-Munzingen – Niederrimsingen – Merdingen
Length: total 34,5 km
Total gradient: 375 m

Bahlingen – Eichstetten – Hugstetten – Buchhheim – Holzhausen – Neuershausen – Nimburg – Riegel
Length: total 32,8 km
Total gradient: 150 m


Staying at our restored “Rebhisli” located in the middle of the vineyards means dipping into an romantic adventure far away from hectic everyday life.